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I’ve been involved in the sales and marketing industry for the last 15 years. This work has included corporations, non-profits, and self employment. As media has changed over the years, so have the skills necessary to complete the important work of communicating with customers, clients, and subscribers alike. I have a keen interest in discovering what makes organizations ‘tick’ and aligning with that mission to help them accomplish their vision. I also have:

What I do! For my clients.

What's going on?

Media Production

Create content that matters to your subscribers, whether that is quality photos of your products or professional quality videos showing your customers why you're awesome

Brand Identity

Help your followers quickly identify your media by solidifying how you present yourself to the world. Hone in on what's important to you and highlight who you are

Website Design

Make your online presence pop with a clean, modern website that turns potential loyalists into brand advocates by finding out how you're making a difference


Launched In-Tension Dec. '20


Establish partnerships '20-'23


Managed media for wineries '21-'23


Moved and building home '22-Current

Some parts of my awesome story

Life is always a journey

From corporate to cooperative

I like to spend my time on things that are important to me and that I feel a missional connection to. Early in my career and time as a father, I spent a number of years working for a local Pepsi bottler. While there were many opportunities provided and created for me, I struggled to see the value I was creating in the world around me apart from the jobs I was helping to sustain amongst my colleagues and friends.

Then the world shut down and I really honed in on the importance of my family and surrounding myself with people that mattered to me. This led me and our family on a journey of building a 15 acre ‘family compound’ of sorts outside of Goldendale, WA. For the last 2 years I’ve been spending part time creating media for clients I have established over the years, and full time on the construction of homes for myself, my brother, and my mom.  

We have chosen to live in a communal way with many shared meals, nights around fires, and walks around the woods. It has been liberating for my soul and my mind to experience the reality of life by choosing to separate from the noise that I was unknowingly contributing to.  

Now everything is just a little bit different, and that makes all the difference.

Some Projects

Here are some of the projects I’ve been able to work on over the years, from a complete brand design to helping develop an internal communications strategy.  Click images to find out more

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