Allan Bros Inc.

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Communications Strategy & Videography

As technology grew and rapidly changed, so did the need for new forms of communications for the longstanding fruit giant Allan Bros Inc. I became connected to AB through mutual friends, and quickly gained favor with their CEO Miles Kohl. We had discussed opportunities for working as an employee for AB, and based on my desire to maintain flexibility he thought it best to work with me as a contractor for their media needs.


Allan Bros Inc




3 Years (Ongoing)


Naches, WA, USA


Steps we took.

Upon needing to develop a communications system to disseminate information quickly to employees, Allan Bros Inc. hired me to produce a series of videos for them outlining upcoming internal changes in the company.  This became favorable to them as the pandemic spread, and we had already established a method of planning, producing, and distributing high quality videos containing crucial information about the workplace. We were able to turn around videos rapidly as the information was changing on a weekly basis.

This also became the platform from which I worked directly with their CEO to produce monthly updates for employees.  In lieu of hosting staff meetings, we were able to take employees on tours around various facilities and aspects of the workplace they may not see on a regular basis and certainly during the pandemic.  We brainstormed ideas from across their business portfolio to share, and keep the content moving with B-Roll I captured that was pertinent to the topic at hand.  Since December 2020, we have produced over 30 videos highlighting a variety of business components as well as workplace safety.

All of this work included bi-lingual work (English/Spanish), working with translators to produce both audio and captions that lined up with the video. I have a working proficiency in Spanish, but as it is not a primary language I use it was challenging and rewarding working with their staff to make sure everyone was included and received a quality presentation of the information.  I helped them establish Vimeo as the hosting platform for all of the employee and public media, but most of it is for internal distribution only and as such it cannot be shared here (references available).  We now have a total of 60 hours of footage between main captures and b-roll for continuous use by AB or their vendor of choice.

Most recently we have been working on a project focused on their wine brand, Sagemoor, that will take followers on a journey from the vine to the bottle.  It’s gonna be cool!

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