J Bell Cellars
& Lavendar

Project Details

Content Strategy, Capture, and Creation

Wes and I discussed at length what the pain points were for his business during COVID-19, and came up with a strategy that would inform customers that they were still open for business and that they also had food on site.  In a time where many people felt completely restricted because of the limitations on gathering, he safely created a space where people could still feel like they were part of a community and it was time people knew about it!


Wes Teslo




6 months


Zillah, WA, USA


Steps we took.

Initially we had many discussions about his current brand and the things that were important to owners Wes and Natasha Teslo to foster within their brand content.  After a long career in the construction industry, it was the simplicity of the business’ offerings that Wes enjoyed.  We centered his content around the beauty of his property and lavender field, naturally produced wines, and fire.

As an initial boost to the social media campaign, we produced a video ad for social media showing the experience of J Bell as an outdoor experience. After writing the script and capturing the footage with both my drone and iPhone, we produced the ad and went live.  After a week and 14,000 views, we saw a consistent uptick in social media and customer visits to the winery.  Albeit there wasn’t a whole lot going on at the time, J Bell became the talk of the town.

We followed up by posting high quality images and catchy copy 5-7 times per week on their page, rotating between the elements that remained important to the brand – the property, the wines, and fire.

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